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The DVD includes the wide-screen edition of the film, production notes, the trailer, the alternate ending that, thankfully, Boorman scrapped, and a fun conversation between Brosnan and Rush. Boorman supplies the scintillating commentary, which, at times, is more interesting than the film itself. He relates several cases in which initially reluctant Panamanian officials wound up cooperating with the filmmakers after they found out who was going to star in the movie.

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Walter Mitty in a war zone - a daydreamer whose mental idylls turn into nightmares. The movie is sterling adult entertainment: Even its fizzle of a finale carries a humane tang. Pendel pretends that Braithwaite was the saintly senior partner who sent him forth from Savile Row to make his fortune.

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CNN -- "The Tailor of Panama" teeters from drama to farce to thriller to delicious black comedy, and delivers on all fronts. The movie is set in during the international controversy over control of the Panama Canal, ceded over to to the Panamanian government in an agreement reached in the s by the administration of President Jimmy Carter. Brosnan turns his James Bond persona inside-out playing Andy Osnard, a cynical, womanizing OK, no change there British spy who's been banished to Panama after a series of sexual escapades during his previous assignments -- a spy who's been pushed into the cold, you might say.

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Except that Osnard is quickly revealed to be no ordinary client. Osnard says he knows that Harry has used up that entire inheritance to buy a rice farm out in the countryside, but that the water has dried up, it will never be viable, and he is losing money fast on the loan he took out to buy it at an extortionate rate of monthly interest. Osnard has done his research and knows that Harry, as a snobbish tailor to the great and good of Panamanian society including, believe it or not, the President himself gets to hear a surprising amount of gossip and confidential information.

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The title gave a deadly twist to a children's playground game and when, more than two decades later, he chose to make his hero a genuine clothier, he gave the novel a deceptively innocent title reminiscent of childhood and Beatrix Potter, The Tailor of Panama. One doubts if he was consciously thinking of Graham Greene's celebrated, semi-satirical essay on Potter's fiction in which he dismissed the eponymous hero of The Tailor of Gloucester as 'ineffective and too virtuous'. Like Greene's novel, The Tailor of Panama is about a British expatriate in an unstable Latin American country put under pressure by British intelligence and inventing, with lethal consequences, a non-existent spy ring and a fictitious political conspiracy.

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Geoffrey Rush is the Meryl Streep of Australia — a superbly trained actor with a killer instinct for the outsized role. The physical business works: Rush is convincing as a man with secrets sewn into his psychic lining. Pendel is a genteel needle and thread fellow capable of conveying silky Anglican pomp as he takes the measure of all the muckety mucks of Panama City.

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Search engine by FreeFind click to search site. As always, we don't compare to source material -- an audience member did that for us and you'll find her comment down below. The British Secret Service just isn't what it used to be.

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Enticed by money from Osnard which would help pay his debts, Pendel invents a story to feed the intelligence machinery which enables Osnard to extract large sums of money for an imaginary rebel army in Panama. But the story spins out of control, propelling Osnard and Harry into danger. In John Boorman made Deliverance.

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