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One year my school schedule worked itself out in a way that I would routinely sit and eat a bowl of cereal in the morning while I enjoyed an 8am airing of Sailor Moon before making my way into class. Serena can transform into Sailor Moon with an assist from a magical locket. One of the best things about Sailor Moon is how vulnerable and flawed she is.

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When I was around 6 years old, I realized that I didn't quite mesh with the kids around me. I was fascinated by fantasy and sci-fi, animation and decidedly dark imagery. My classmates and friends seemed more focused on splitting conversations by the binary.

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AN: Right…. So this was a challenge I posed myself. See if I could do it.

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In a couple of commercials that were part of an advertisement campaign for the 11st retailer site, Sistara K-Pop group, dressed up in outfits similar to the sailor fukus the Sailor Senshi wear and did their famous "kka kka" dance to a song that sounded similar to " Moonlight Legend ". In a commercial for Toraba-yu, a women's job recruitment website, Tsubasa Honda, an actress and model, sings a parody of "Moonlight Legend". Marucho's Bakugan Elfin looks similar to Sailor Moon and has a similar transformation to her.

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And just to be clear, ALL of the following images come from the actual series. If you don't believe me, get the manga or watch the show on Hulu. The only "fan art" on this page is my own.

Serena is not your typically graceful princess-warrior; she loves to eat sweets, play video games, and is constantly looking for romance. While Sailor Moon accomplishes this goal most of the time, sometimes they miss the mark. There were instances where Sailor Moon could have been better supported, where the message gets muddled, or where the show becomes down-right inappropriate.

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There was no such thing as sex in my world. Touching, yes. Warm hugs from aunties, handshakes, and maybe a high-five were all fine.

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Usagi and Mamoru. Roughly placed during Season 1. Usagi wants some adult experiences.

Now she must learn the powers and duty of a senshi, navigate old and new relationships, discover strange allies and enemies, and As a dark entity prepares to destroy the world of humans, only one group of soldiers can stand in its way. Will they succeed?


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