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A: Don't worry -- the most important thing for any toddler is to feel loved and safe, so if she seems to have forgotten, she's probably fine. If anyone's upset by this experience, it's more likely you than your child. You're clearly still feeling guilty, and it might be worthwhile to figure out why.

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As much as you would like to keep your parenting life and sex life as far apart as possible, there will be times when they sometimes awkwardly cross paths. We talked to the experts to get the rules on what's appropriate and what's not. When you co-sleep with your infant Scenario: The baby is fast asleep in bed with you.

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It's no secret that children bring joy, love, and wonder back into your life. But they're also really good at sucking down your energy, patience, and sex life. Being a parent and trying to have sex means getting creative and making plans on how to have sex with your kids in the house.

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Has your sex life changed after having a child? Want to get it back on track? By Rachel Delahaye.

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November 13, Having a sex life while being a parent shouldn't be a mutually exclusive proposition. For some new parents already struggling with a lack of sleep, perhaps the biggest passion killer is the idea that with kids in the house, you can no longer throw yourself into the deed with gay abandon for fear of them seeing or hearing something that will traumatise them and embarrass you.

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A toddler is just like those parasitic fish that attach themselves to sharks. That makes you and your partner the toothy, constantly circling hammerheads, trying to go about your business with a tenacious cling-on. A good conversation is much like intimacy.

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Should you have sex when your children are in the same room? In an anonymous forum post, a woman wrote that she was, "increasingly disturbed since a friend told me about a week ago that she and her husband are having sex in the room with their year old and 8-year-old asleep. The woman explained that for various reasons the family would be sharing a room for the next few months, "so this situation won't change for a while yet.

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An infant is one thing, but a young child? That's just Odd and gross to me. We had sex a few times in the bedroom when dd was tiny and sleeping in a bassinet in the room.

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Ah, sweet bedtime. The kiddos are tuckered out and tucked in. Yes, this cringe-inducing scenario is regrettable.

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