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Sex appears in my inbox at least once a month. The topline findings show that men are more likely to orgasm than women — 91 percent of men said they climaxed during their last sexual encounter, compared with 64 percent of women. But there seems to be a perception gap, too — at least among men.

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Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. No doubt your dude is just happy that you're naked and in his bed.

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With a male orgasm, muscles involuntarily contract as heart rate, breathing and blood pressure rise. Semen is rich in vitamins and mineralsincluding calcium, magnesium, vitamins B12 and C, zinc, potassium and more. Watch out turmeric, kale and coconut water— a new superfood is on the market!

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Most women will experience an orgasm, though it may take practice or experimenting with positions. Feelings of intimacy may enhance orgasms with a partner and, conversely, orgasms can enhance intimacy. After, I love feeling sexy and pleased with my body, that it responds to all these fun sensations and I can reliably get release in the way that I crave.

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Despite having the only organ in the human body whose sole function is pleasure, people with clitorises can find it notoriously difficult to have an orgasm. Many people pretend to be experts, but in truth, only a selected few crack the code. Depending on the study, the numbers vary, but about 95 percent of heterosexual men have an orgasm during sex.

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Skip navigation! Story from Sex. You can never be too fabulous or too good at oral sex.

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The pursuit of sexual pleasure is a key motivating factor in sexual activity. Many things can stand in the way of sexual orgasms and enjoyment, particularly among women. These are essential issues of sexual well-being and gender equality.

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Truly earth-shattering news: Women are more likely to orgasm when they have sex with other women than when they have sex with men. Through gentle snuggling or scissoring? This revelation comes from an exclusive report from The Sunwhich takes note from a survey of 2, people around the world.

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Sexually satisfied ladies have a few things in common, researchers say. According to the authors of a sad new study, when it comes to climaxing, straight women are the least lucky in bed. So what explains the so-called orgasm gap between men and women—especially straight men and women?

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If the dude in your life has already mastered the basics—taking his time, varying his pressure and speed, and resisting the urge to go straight for your lady parts without a little teasing—then you two might add these five advanced moves to your love-making repertoire. Start on your hands and knees, and then have him slide under you like an auto mechanic. He can then spend time warming you up as he has access to everything you want touched and licked. He should watch your body's reactions as he ramps up the foreplay.


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